℡, had better not bosom friend will not miss.

℡, had better not do then don't even-steven phase.

℡, had better not mutually cherish to was not phase memories.

℡, had better not love will not phase abandon.

℡, had better not relative will not meet.

℡, had better not phase error will not phase negative.

℡, had better not mutually will not phase renewal.

℡, think we are one thousand million light-years across love as if, in years turn to dust and ashes.

℡, we are the love in time the river awakened sleep, waiting for one day.

℡, warm, gentle palm green one still.

℡, green lip cherished the smile, I still miss.

℡, want to forget you face, the fuzzy love the picture.

℡, dream know what is happiness, wake up the tears but again soak pillow.

℡, I cherished the tears escapes miss, you can't always cherished the love.

℡, wind blew leaves crushing the letterhead, who can that will end the change.

℡, rain falling stage beautiful cherished the lies, who can give me a strong one reason.

℡, should thus letting go, the green one all Pierce.

Those finely sunshine, for our relationship is the best but explanation

Have you ever sent to me that only yi yi sanjana teddy bear, and now has become lifeless

Himself already like the night, like he did not flourishing neon after otherworldly

I pull a curtain, in order not to let the sun is his final a strong burns

I looked at ShaLengLeng white background with black text on the screen - "the memory cannot be shown"

You once I 100 percent fit, has now become 100 percent of the remote

Each a love sparks, are suddenly happen, but more easily than fireworks flash.

Each story of sweetness, and are in continuous happened, but more than everlasting short hasty.

I so thati understood, more hope we'll be together.

There is no a possible, don't believe the world will have the miracle appear, I only want you an affirmation of look in the eyes.

I so thoroughly understood, more want us to be together forever.

There is no a eternal, don't believe the world will have legends emerged, I only want you of a love doesn't love me.

You said you like me, I would be deeply like you.

You say that you love me, I will redouble our love you.

You say you'll always accompany me, but now I am the only one left walk to black.

I just want to say that this life I have love you enough.

I'll always be most care of that person, so I'm doomed to are losers.

Float and how, again beautifully groom isn't you, the bride is not me.

Love doesn't say exports, heart knows it will suffice.

You does that we never separate, now look whether will feel a lot more.

Sometimes excessive love is a clinging to pronounce, catch was tight, lose more.

Could you have heartache, and silently leave.

In the past, sorrow like that scattered dusk.

I use the sunflower, to interpretation of sunshine.

XiZi as long as silently with song ji.

MuSui from rail, crush spread this round, gone prosperous.

Time, even an explanation to mean to me.

I use the blue demon ji, to interpretation moonlight.

Deep to the bone, indulgence.

Assumption, past innumerable review xiangshiyixiao only for this life a meet.

Low head, look at the foot of the scenery.

Who gave who, this far-fetched excuse.

I'm acting as merely a traveler, raced back around or return tight.

Also is what we give, or what I lost.

Leave a relationship, for you simply have to end a conversation.

No matter how I try and try finally wrong or me.

For you, I also is an exchange of chips.

Blossom, if be, flower falls, mo wimp abandon.

Vulgar to the bone, is reserved.

Youth is like dandelions, seemingly freedom but couldn't help it.

Time, who is hand fall flowers.

What I want is not a deep-rooted of love, but a splurge constantly extravagance.

So-called fairyland, but is exquisite and ordinary contrast.

In this bet, I lost myself proud disguise.

Attentively pay feelings, the injured conceit.

Beauty innocence is just too beautiful, on wordless just too sad.

Whether a sorry, can finish all.

㈠ words irrelevant for this ㈠ coque detain, the one it shall not end until my death.

With the most lazy posture, trance to face the world.

As they pass to Ann's vanity of mangnai as usual.

How many times, can let us pass by.



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